Our Mission

Happier Clothing for a Healthier Mind

Happy Dayz. Happier Clothing for a Healthier Mind... A clothing brand built on a passion for improving mental wellbeing and shaking off the ‘funk’.

Too many of us feel the ‘funk’ on a daily basis, without any knowledge on how to give ourselves the best chance possible to feel better. Each piece of clothing has a QR code that, when scanned, will take the owner through to the Happy Days Hub… a central location where tips, tricks and advice can be found for improving mental wellbeing**. A wealth of content can be found here from many people, from different backgrounds, who have all found ways of coping with their own struggles.

Owning an item will also give you access to our online community where you can connect with the wider Happy Days community and support group. If, through this, we can help even one more person shake their funk, we will have succeeded.

**This is not official or medical advice and does not replace seeking professional help.